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About Us

Handmade Fashion Jewelry.
Artisan Made in Greece, since 1987.

Kalliope was born from a desire to create unique jewelry, using fashion-led design and time-honoured techniques. Since 1987, traditional craftsmanship is infused into all our jewelry and every piece in our collection echoes the passion and skill of the hands that made it. Our company has a continuous presence in significant jewelry trade fairs in Greece and abroad each season, being able not only to follow but also create fashion trends, with an aesthetic that hints at the brand's Greek origins. Our artisanal creations are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide.

  • 1984
    The Creators

    The artisans and creators of Opus 4, Kalliope and George, meet in Athens, Greece, as youngsters. Together in life, they start exploring the idea of jewelry design. Sketches they draw, conjure up to become inspiration to create their own business. Today, 34 years later, they pride themselves on the beautiful family they have created, their ongoing mutual support and solid working relationship through Opus 4.

  • 1987
    From Passion to Profession

    Having decided to turn their passion to a profession, Kalliope and George inaugurate their first handmade jewelry retail shop in Molyvos, on the idyllic island of Lesbos. They name it Opus, meaning “a creative and artistic work”, inspired by George’s cultivated love for music.

  • 1990’s
    The Inspiration

    The couple spent the better part of a decade travelling all over the world, in search of inspiration for their jewelry designs. From Cuba to Morocco, London to Banghong they had the chance to discover diverse cultural styles and explore different jewelry making techniques.

  • 1996
    Opus 2

    In 1996, Kalliope and George open their first retail shop in Nea Ionia neighborhood, in Attiki, expanding their business to the Greek capital. As their second shop overall, they name it Opus 2.

  • 1999-2000
    The Family

    The two years that mark the births of Kalliope and George’s daughters. Nelly & Maria, are both university students and plan on continuing the family business, towards a future of growth.

  • 2001
    Opus 3

    One more jewelry shop opens in Nea Ionia neighborhood. As the third one of the business, its name is Opus 3.

  • 2007
    Going Wholesale

    Kalliope and George knew that success is built step-by-step. But what’s next? With the company beginning to strengthen its position in Greece, they expand their business to wholesale. They both admit this was not an easy task, yet it has been a rewarding one!

  • 2008
    The First International Jewelry Trade Show

    The company’s first attending of the Bijorhca international jewelry trade show in Paris. The number of prospective clients expressing their interest in the products was more than expected. It would be 6 more years until the company would be able to participate in the trade with its own brand and in its own booth. Nowadays, Opus 4 attends all significant international exhibitions twice a year and has well established its reputation abroad.

  • 2011
    Growing Business - Opus 4

    In 2011, Kalliope and George opened a new spacious workshop, making it possible to accommodate all production needs. Along with the workshop, a new flagship jewelry store opened in the same location, close to Syntagma square, in the heart of Athens. With the opening of the flagship store, Kalliope and George made another major step and decided that Opus 4 would be the name of the company moving forward.

  • 2014
    International Presence

    Opus 4 establishes a continuous presence in leading jewelry exhibitions at home and abroad. Since 2014, our company participates in international trade shows and exhibitions in Europe, such as Bijorhca in Paris, Bisutex in Madrid and HOMI at Milan. We are now shipping to more than 50 countries, in 5 continents. None of this would ever be achievable without the people of Opus 4- they are the lifeblood of the business, the heart and soul of our company.

  • 2018
    Embarking on a New Exciting Chapter

    Continuing its journey and evolving into a leading wholesale company at its industry, Opus 4 undergoes a rebranding process, redesigning its logo, fonts, website and entire visual identity.

  • 2021
    From Opus 4 to Kalliope

    Having surpassed a very difficult year, we have decided to shift the attention of our company to the woman that embodies the company itself; the one of the two designers and co-founder of the company Kalliope. The new name better represents the identity of the brand as it connects the trend-led caracter of the company with our greek roots & heritage.

    We are happy to be able to share this new
    exciting chapter with you!